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Malyshkina Katya

My name's is Katya Malyshkina. I live in Moscow, Russia and since recently I proudly introduce myself as a Teddy bear maker, which is still causing a lot of surprise in this countryЕ

Its pages are devoted to amazing creatures called collection Teddy bears which I proudly introduce to you. Here they are, sitting quietly in their СGalleryТ page. Some would say they look sweet Е

In November of 2004, my bears competed in MoscowТs first exhibition of Collectible Bears СTeddymania-2004Т. None of them returned home from that competition. They all found new owners - something that makes me very, very happy.

My Kovrigin Bear made his way into the Teddy-bear Club InternationalТs February issue. If you click the link below you too can see him and share my joy. Right now my bears are getting ready for a trip to the annual International Exhibition of Collectible Teddy bears TEDDYBEAR TOTAL in Muenster, Germany.

Every Teddy I make has a little piece of my soul inside it. This is why I treasure them so much. But IТm always ready to share it with you too and wish you good luck.

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